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Sunday, February 17th, 2008
3:27 am - PLEASE READ! [as of March 2011]
Unfortunately I stopped taking requests because my life got a little to hectic- it's been a busy year with the earthquake and getting married. I hope to find the time to take requests in the future and will make an announcement when/if it happens! Thank you for understanding.


I will be using this journal for occasional selling and for shopping service requests.

Please understand that I work full time and have other commitments. Therefore, there may be only a very limited amount of hours each day I can respond to your inquiries. This also means I won't be able to snipe auctions that end during working hours, however I will do my best to bid as close to the auction's end time as possible.

I know there are a lot of problems recently with scamming on Livejournal, and that this can make people weary about putting their money into the hands of a stranger. In an effort to make you feel as comfortable as possible with our transaction, I will do my very best to be consistent with updating you on the status of payment/shipping/order/auction as I can, and appreciate your cooperation! m(-_-)m

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Friday, August 25th, 2006
5:02 pm - Selling - Received Payments/Shipping Status [as of October 18, 2010]
You can check this entry to see if I have received your payment and/or if your items have been shipped yet. =)

click to see!Collapse )

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4:00 pm - Selling - Deadbeats!
I put this section here to help me remember any buyers who didn't send payments in the past so I know not to start a transaction with them again. May be helpful to other sellers as well.

please do not attempt to buy from me againCollapse )

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3:20 pm - Selling - Terms/Payment/Etc. [as of October 28, 2009]

Please pay attention to the currency denominated; either Japanese yen or USD.

By purchasing any of my items you agree to these terms and conditions below, even if you choose not to read them before making a transaction with me. If I should update these terms after we have started a transaction, I will inform you of it and our transaction will still apply to the old terms you agreed to previously.

please buy only if you agree to these conditionsCollapse )

Thank you for looking! (^o^)v
Thursday, August 24th, 2006
12:56 am - Music!
None at the moment.

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12:26 am - Clothing + Accessories
None at the moment

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12:06 am - Anime/Manga
None at the moment.

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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006
11:50 pm - Feedback!
If you have bought something from me, please leave a comment here. =)
Thank you!

Positive - 64 (3 from deleted LJ users)
Neutral - 0
Negative - 0

You can also check my eBay feedback here! LoliGothDBS feedback here!

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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
11:58 pm - Wishlist!
I don't normally accept trades, but am willing to consider items under here...Collapse )

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